we do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.

we announce open submissions for manuscripts on social media. submission instructions will always be included. 

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the sad bitch chronicles lit mag is based off of our themed anthology series that deals with harsh topics surrounding mental health and wellness.

please check out the sad bitch page here to get a feel of the work we prefer. make sure the work that you submit aligns with the current theme. 

subs are currently closed. check back to see when they open!





Inspired by the Satin Soulbits podcast, the Satin Soulbits Blog is also hosted, edited, and curated by Samantha Rose, extending the podcasts’ themes of sex, wellness, and womanhood into further freedom and reclamation through various voices around the world.

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salt + vinegar zine

salt + vinegar is a place for poems that sting on their way down. we are a graveyard for the harsh memories that weigh down on you, and a memorial site that you and others can visit, and revisit -- to see just how far you've come. perhaps your story will inspire others to release theirs as well -- salt + vinegar is a different kind of liberation. we publish raw poetry that hurts, needs to be expressed, and let go of. this is a safe space for you to depart with any hardship, trauma, or any work you've been holding onto. we only ask that you add a trigger warning to submissions that contain sensitive topics.



wIDE EYES doES not accept work that fuels hate of any kind.

do not submit racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic work. anything that promotes hate or violence towards others will not be accepted and you will be banned from submitting.

all work must be your own.

by submitting your work, you agree to wide eyes publishing terms of agreement:

no contract is required if you submit to our anthologies, magazines, or blog — a submission is a submission, and all information regarding what that means can be accessed from our site. (and down below) reach out to us if you have any questions.

1. because we do not charge for submissions, we are unable to pay our contributors. we want to make this a goal in the future, but as of right now we don’t have the means.

2. you will always maintain copyright, but Wide Eyes asks that if your work is republished, please make sure the second publication provides credit to Wide Eyes, so that readers and publishers alike know were to locate the first publication of your work —

i.e - “insert poem name here” previously published in Wide Eyes Publishing’s anthology, Women Rising

3. we have the right to pull your work from our site, magazine, or anthologies if we find out that you’re problematic. we have zero tolerance for hate speech, hateful people, and abusers.

We typically respond to all submissions within a 3-12 week period. Please have patience with us during this time.