Bacchanalia Blooming + Constellation Coitus

poems by tianna g. hansen



Bacchanalia Blooming

there is a pounding, aching need
vibrating beneath my skin —
wasps parade across my limbs
this insatiable itch
only you can scratch
only you will satisfy this hunger
you awoke in me this dormant beast
sexual need to become unfettered
unchain the nymph inside
maenad ready to join this mad
raving orgy, to open wide & devour
everything in my path, sink fangs
and fingernails deep, lapping
wine from Dionysus’s lips
pinched nipples & supple skin
fucking the night away
dripping waterfall of need
dissolving beneath your fingers
until we are one trembling being
thrumming with ecstasy



Constellation Coitus

Let's begin with your rough whisper
on the back of my neck
fingers gripping round hips and tugging,
tracing the outline of my ass before
turning me over and scooping me up
in greedy fingers, gripping
until I bruise for you, pliable peach flesh
beneath your touch, angle me to push deeper
into the oasis between my thighs

with each lingering caress of the
moonlight’s billion fingers up and down
my trembling body, massage every inch of skin
quivering until I feel your touch vibrate in my bones
send thrills up and down my spine.

brilliant moonbeams outline, highlight
every crevice, every curve of my body,
mesmerize me, my lips parted in a gasp,
this addictive, yearning touch
an endless waltz, courtship dance
on the edge of danger.

you say you want to mapmake
my curves, twist pleasure
into a protractor
wanting to outline my angles,
you want to teach me
how far bending can outlast the sky

I want you to get lost in the topography
of my skin stretched over glistening bones
show you how bending backwards
makes you fall into the stars and suddenly
you're making love to the Milky Way
flowing into your mouth and we are
cumming across constellations
and riding shooting stars
into the depths.

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life with poetry as her first love. 'Undone, Still Whole' (APEP Publications, May 2019) is her debut collection. A dark fantasy poetic opera 'A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony' is forthcoming in June 2019 (Rhythm & Bones Press), a collaboration between her and two other poets. Tianna is fascinated by myth and lore, folktales and legends, and captivated with turning trauma into art. Tianna founded and is Editor-in-Chief of Rhythm & Bones Press, ( a small press focused on the idea of healing through writing. A poetess, novelist, creative nonfiction and flash fiction writer, her work has been published widely - find more at or follow her on Facebook @tiannaghansen / Twitter @tiannag92 / IG @tgghansen24.