Edible Erotica II: Trois Poireaux.

by Ciona Nankervis

Tall, lengthy, rigid, robust

Core strength, standing to attention

From flax-coloured furry foot to wild, but styled, salt-surfer tufts.


The water drips upon your flesh

And I run my hand along your extent

Like a spine,

Palming-off crushed grains of earth.

Clad in fine pyjama-striped, feint and delicate green

Bound together with close, sturdy seams

Melting into white, like cream and milk.


I place you down to slice into rings

Studded eyelets, design of under-microscope plant cells;

You exhale, sharp and strong

And liquid seeps from my nose and eyes-

You lie, I cry, but not from sadness.





Ciona Nankervis is a multilingual writer from Birmingham, UK. She is British-born of Panjabi heritage. In her work, she likes to explore the diverse representations of personal identity, which, for her, transcend the borders of blood assignment and ethnicity. She believes that inspiration, for all art, can be found anywhere in life, and believes that people should not be afraid to play and be open with their influences; she reflects this in her work by not restricting her writing to any theme or subject.