poster child of magdalene + in between

poetry + prose by Christina D. Rodriguez



poster child of magdalene

Love does not want this body, this falsehood looking for resurrection in eyes that reflect her as altars. Love wants the classic centerfold, not the poster child of the Magdalene complex with numerous notches in her inbox. Love has been deceived by smudges across the screen, the pretend of desire grown by distance. If Love moved closer, Love would see that this body houses nothing but fiction and their story will eventually end. No one falls for the one already on their knees.



In between

No soy un lenguaje secreto
with lips pressed against your neck.
I sweep up goosebumps
con la lengua de una bruja,
worshiping each hitch
arrastrando hacia el sur
until I take in a hymn,
mi boca envuelta en el hechizo de tu virilidad
- another passage pressed to knees,
llevando la memoria de tu piel.



Christina D. Rodriguez is a New York-born Puerto Rican poet and entrepreneur. She writes about the sunshine and pitfalls of writing and life in the arts on her blog, The Write Queen and runs Christina Rodriguez Online, where she provides freelance services in arts management, digital content management, and design. Her writing has appeared in various online and print publications. She currently resides in Chicago and is a board member of the Chicago Writers Association. Her hope is not to touch millions with the power of one word, but to touch one with the power of a stream of words.