here lies two poems by lysz flo


My mouth is a


A beautiful construct

Where I house the ashes of


My shame in its ceramic

Entrapment coveting the lid

With smiles that taste bitter

In my subconscious

Housing an expiration of liveliness

Bones dance

In the confines of secrecy

Never uttered

Pains shudder in the darkness

The light

is a festival of

mannequin like


Disdain loves here

Housing dying bouquets

Paying rent of all

The mourning I never allow myself

To cry aloud

There is no rebirth of innocence here

Simply the swallowing of who I never will be again

As I rest in the curves of peaceful

Silence - like a warrior after every death

Only the zombies

Of women past and present


What lies beneath


What do I do with a body

That attacks itself

Willing to decompose us both

Burst into an alien form

Willing to end

All that is us

Host and hunter

I have suppressed suffering

So long it has expanded

In my womb

To then be cut open

Extracting a mass of trauma

An expanding representative of misery

Sorrow looks like a


                               you never knew

Could be the very

Cocoon of your rebirth

Leaving all

That no longer

Serves you



"Lysz Flo" is a trilingual writer of fiction and poetry writing as an only child she adopted pages as safe havens of conversation. She initiated her spoken word performances, in a slam at the Poetic Lakay in Little Haiti, to conquer her fear of public speaking in September 2015. Since then, she has performed on various open mics throughout South Florida including the RAW Miami Showcase. Lizz has self published her first poetry chapbook.

follow her on instagram and twitter.

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