Our Team

Our Founder & CEO, Jean Bub


Jean Bub is an author, publisher and mental health advocate based in New York. She’s the co-founder of @communityofpoetry, an Instagram community dedicated to uplifting poets, and the founder and CEO of Wide Eyes Publishing, a publishing house which amplifies marginalized voices. 

Her work has been featured in multiple national anthologies, Barnes and Nobles, and her book, "Pulchritude and Soul," has been introduced into her high school's health curriculum to bring awareness to the importance of mental health and the addiction that self-harm really is. Her second book “Roots of the Resilient” has been described as “raw, authentic and heart-wrenchingly beautiful.” With each book she publishes, she strives to be more transparent and vulnerable in hopes it could inspire someone else to do the same. 




Lyn Patterson


Lyn is a deeply invigorated poet who delves into the themes of self love, identity, overcoming trauma, accepting your wild and learning to listen to your intuition. She is a 30 year old poet, dancer, teacher originally from Seattle, Washington. She currently travels the world while teaching online classes to aspiring teachers. Lyn has been writing since first grade and has found ways to voice and overcome trauma in her poetry. She firmly believes that writing is a form of healing for both author and reader. She is specifically inspired to write about women who are marginalized in our society, as a means of empowering future generations with their stories.⁣⁣⁣⁣ 

Wide Eyes Publishing is proud to call Lyn one of their own. ⁣⁣

Shanice Ariel


Shanice is a self starter when it comes to her writing journey. A 26 year old from Queens, NYC whom is a woman of all trades - dives deep when it comes to self love, abuse in many forms, and healing in her poetry. She expresses that all unheard voices matters and creating a safe space of community by birthing Open Mic Renegades an umbrella of open mics. She has been writing in her diaries since she was five years old and decided to share her words publicly ten months ago. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one, but dives in to persistence when it comes to herself and everyone surrounding her. She currently works with children and will do anything to protect them. Shanice’s poetry expresses the depth of our souls, through finding the light through the darkness, and making those understand it’s alright to be uncomfortable, but there always a way through it all. Accepting yourself and your spirit is very important and her journey isn’t over, it’s just beginning.

Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs


Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs published her first book The Mind of the Teenage Drama Queen while in high school.  For awhile after that writing seemed impossible because of new found traumas and heartbreaks.  Slowly over time she was able to rediscover her voice as @shewillspeak on Instagram. It started out as her just posting poetry for her own enjoyment but slowly it grew into something bigger.  Because of this her second book The Tragic Type of Beautiful was born.  Her work started being featured on different social media platforms and later in poetry anthologies.  She received so much feedback that she knew She Will Speak was more then a platform for her poetry.

Her writing shows readers they are not alone and their voices are being heard.  She does this by inviting readers into her reality and showing them that there can be beauty in the tragedy and pain.  Over the years she has learned how to heal from her own writing by ironically exposing her wounds.  She believes her purpose in this world is to heal so she uses her creative platform to give voices to those who feel broken.  She Will Speak is more than poetry it is a place for those who need to reclaim their voice.

Kayt Christensen


Kayt Christensen is a budding writer that sifts through the chaos of the everyday world with her words to find her own meaning in life. Her work comes from a place of deep empathy, sympathy, and desire to change the general public’s mindset from “me” to “we.” A poet born and raised in Southern California, she’s now 21 and finishing up her final year at San Francisco State University. While there, she’s not only come to understand the harsh realities of her own toxic past, but also how those all around her have suffered pain at the hands of an endless cycle of ignorance. Through her writing, she hopes people will be able to understand how their own pasts affect their current relationships with those around them, and how it can shape their future. Understanding the pain is the first step in healing it, and we’ve all shied away from our truths for too long.

Tyler Zeanah

Tyler Zeanah, a 24 year old poet born and raised in the California bay area, has been writing since she was in elementary school. As someone who has always struggled with expressing her emotions, Tyler tends to feel more than she understands. She writes in efforts to help her make sense of her world, and relationships. As a mental health advocate, she believes the stories we tell ourselves and others have the largest impact on our wellbeing. She wants to stand in the truth of living, and celebrate the bravery of being vulnerable, especially in a world that prioritizes a false sense of reality over the real, every day living. She will be releasing a book of visual poetry sometime during 2019.