Jean-Marie Bub, Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Jean-Marie Bub is a New-York based artist, self-made publisher, and acclaimed author. As the founder and CEO of Wide Eyes Publishing, Jean’s mission is to amplify marginalized voices belonging to local and international artists. Jean is also the co-founder of @communityofpoetry, a platform and safe space dedicated to connecting, showcasing and discovering poets worldwide. Her work has been featured in publications such as Pussy Magic, ‘Reclaim: An Anthology of Women’s Poetry,’ and Affinity Magazine. Jean is forever cooking up new ideas and projects, frequently collaborating and ‘raising hell’ with other exceptional humans. In her (very little) spare time, she enjoys design, architecture, painting, and bragging about being a Capricorn. Jean has two published books and is compiling a third.


samantha rose, author + editor of the satin soulbits blog + podcast


Samantha Rose is an author, poet, and wild woman. She is the Creatress in Chief of Pussy Magic and columnist of #SoulBitsOnFire at Tiny Flames Press. Her writing has been featured in Rhythm & Bones, Occulum, ILY Mag, Rose Quartz Magazine, and more. She's the author of L’ACQUA (2017), and mouth made of satin, (Wide Eyes Publishing, coming summer 2019). Samantha is the host of "Satin Soulbits," the limited series podcast focused on sex, wellness, + womanhood, and curator of the Satin Soulbits Blog for Wide Eyes Publishing! For more about Samantha, visit her website ( and follow her @tinychili on Twitter and @tiny.chili on Instagram.


Joaquin Capehart, Editor for salt + vinegar zine

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Joaquin Capehart is a native of Queens, NY. Poet and author. In 2011, Joaquin published his first collection of poems titled Thoughts of a Spoken Poet and in December of 2014 he released his second book, Poems for Her. His newest title, What If I Said was published in June of 2018. Joaquin has hosted poetry/life workshops for a youth program based out of Bronx Community College. He loves the stage as much as he loves the page, he is an active spoken word artist. When performing Joaquin is known as JaeCee The Poet. He regularly performs around NYC at various open mics and carefully curated showcases. After a few years of hiatus, he is back to working on his YouTube series Poetry in the Park, a series that highlights poets, musicians, singers, and emcees.

kayt christensen, author & editor for the sad bitch chronicles


Kayt Christensen is a 22 year old writer from Southern California. She found her voice and style in the bay area, where she graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Creative Writing. Her first book, Inevitable Ignition, set her world on fire and opened her up to the possibility of making writing her full time career. Her goal is to process the grief and chaos in the world in such a way that helps others to understand and move through it as well. While her heart will always lie with poetry, she’s looking forward to publishing short stories and plays in the future as well, and she hopes you will look forward to it as well.


nia mora, author + co-curator of “daddy issues”


Nia Mora is an enlightening and empowering poet from Harlem, New York. Nia has developed a love of poetry over the years and credits wonderful high school and middle school teachers with helping her to hone her unique poetic style. With two master's degrees and experience as a high school English teacher she has been able to further develop her craft as an author. Her debut poetry collection "She's Come Undone," explores themes of spirituality, motherhood, feminity, and self actualization.


hillary sarah, editor for the sad bitch chronicles

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Hillary Sarah is a political science major at SUNY Potsdam. She hopes to inform and educate people on current social issues, and hopes to encourage others to use their voice. She is currently working on a book about social issues.


sophia mihidilis, author + editor for the sad bitch chronicles

soph headshot.jpg

sopheeah is a writer. she writes poetry, prose, short stories, love letters, recipes, and everything in-between. hailing from melbourne, australia, sopheeah sees writing as an opportunity to raise awareness for mental health, speak up about social issues, and as general therapy. she has been word-vomiting since childhood and has used this talent to create a specific aesthetic that only she seems to be aware of. 

sopheeah is an unapologetic pisces and lets her watery emotions flow freely to enhance her narrative. she has been featured in a variety of publications such as genre: urban arts, offset and visual verse. she is a member of a number of poetry communities and is most notably involved with the sad bitch chronicles.

in her spare time, sopheeah likes to follow her cat wherever he goes, force-feed her friends, and smell scented candles. she loves buying and repotting plants, but hates when those plants wither away due to them just wanting to escape her overall neediness. 


Natalia Vela, assistant editor and contributor for the sad bitch chronicles


Natalia Vela is a poet and writer from Houston, Texas who has been using her craft as a form of escape, therapy, and healing since a young age. She isn’t afraid to express the darker emotions of the human psyche, and is unashamed in shedding light on the thoughts and experiences that come with struggling with mental health. Her philosophy when it comes to her art is being honest when being honest is not beautiful. She aims at finding solace in her writing, and at providing the same to others fighting similar battles by making them feel understood and seen.

Her writing has been featured in places like Thought Catalog and NR Magazine. She is currently working on a debut collection of poetry and essays where she doesn’t hold back and bares it all, sharing maybe even a little too much, but she wouldn't put her name on it any other way.

In her spare time she loves to read mystery novels, listen to crime podcasts, perfect recipes, laugh with her friends, and create playlists for every imaginable mood. She feels most at peace when it rains or when she’s next to a body of water. Her perfect idea of an evening well spent is unwinding alone with a bottle of wine and a cozy book. She swears by astrology and her deck of tarot cards.


lyn patterson, author


Lyn is a deeply invigorated poet who delves into the themes of self-love, identity, overcoming trauma, accepting your wild and learning to listen to your intuition. She is a 30 year old poet, dancer, and teacher originally from Seattle, Washington. She currently travels the world while teaching online classes to aspiring teachers. Lyn has been writing since first grade and has found ways to voice and overcome trauma in her poetry. She firmly believes that writing is a form of healing for both author and reader. She is specifically inspired to write about women who are marginalized in our society, as a means of empowering future generations with their stories.


nalu romano, author


Nalü is very loud. She’s a leo, lesbian, Brazilian artist and comedian, based in New York City. She was pushed towards writing at a young age, as that was the only way she was able to communicate with her mute father— it forced her to find different ways to express herself and describe her life through words, unlike no other. She studied comedy and acting, always paying attention to the ordinary yet powerful stories and the beauty on the smallest things. She has a compromise with the raw and real. After immigrating alone at 18 with a one-way-ticket to the city, she learned how to meet and address darkness and fear. With a lot of humor (and therapy) she is, every day, learning how to transform her weaknesses into super powers. As a writer, she is not looking for anything other than expressing herself—she doesn’t know if it that’s a cure, but it is indeed her favorite tool in the search. As she likes to say, “every thing happens for a reason, even art, and you’ll only find out once it’s made and done. What comes after my art, is always a surprise.” Guided by spirituality and strong activism, Nalü tries to give every thing a place in the world (even a tomato sauce jar) with love and care. Nalü signs her name with the two dots (ü), and some other ü’s that look like they need a smile. It’s the idea of having the words smiling, even when it’s hard to process it all—just as she believes we should do in life. Her mantra is Ubuntu: I am, because you are.


shanice ariel, author + editor of The Renegade Series


Shanice Ariel is a 27 year old from Queens, NYC. When it comes to her writing journey, she is a self starter whom is a woman of all trades. In her writing she dives deep into themes of self love, abuse in many forms, and healing in her poetry. She believes firmly that all unheard voices matters and has created a welcoming space of community birthing Open Mic Renegades; an umbrella of open mics around the New York City area. Though she has been writing in her diaries since she young, she decided to share her words publicly almost a two years ago. Her path hasn’t been an easy one, but she dives in to perseverance, and the journey isn’t over, it’s just beginning.


tyler “ty” zeanah, author + illustrator


Tyler Zeanah has just begun to scrape the surfaces of her mind and experiences in her debut collection of handwritten poems with original art in the much-anticipated “drying flowers.” The title and collection, “drying flowers,” refers to the beauty that’s kept with matter even after it’s dead or gone – honoring what once was, and what may have been lost in the aftermath. These poems began as a compilation of memories of all the different versions of love Tyler has experienced through her relationships with lovers, family, and friends, but simultaneously became a journey of self-acceptance. This book explores the changing of these impactful relationships and the raw carnage created when we’re forced to let them go or watch them change into something unrecognizable. Not only do we see Tyler paying homage to some of the most intense relationships she has experienced, but we see her openly dive into what she has described as the black hole of herself – in order to battle chronic mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and PTSD ultimately in hopes to reform her internal self-dialogue. This book amplifies the voice of an enduring period of growth while told through the ups and downs of the four seasons divided into sections: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Although some transformations are inevitable, and this evolution was set in motion over two decades ago, it would eventually come to fruition nonetheless; we just grow at different rates.


rina bloom, author


Rina is a Filipina-American user experience designer by day and growing poet by night who delves into poetry about self-empowerment and the healing journey. A Lupus warrior for over 10 years, her upcoming book will go into her experience of fighting Lupus and shedding light on life with severe chronic illness. Her hope is to raise awareness around chronic illnesses and to also provide comfort to anyone who feels like their body is broken or has betrayed them.

Her debut book is set to be released in winter 2019.

erin moran, author


Erin Moran is a poet and journalist based in Philadelphia. Her creative work has been published by or is forthcoming in publications like Sword & Kettle Press, Sea Foam Mag, Half Mystic and She Will Speak Series’ first anthology, Gender Based Violence. Moran curates a quarterly literature & arts zine and reading series called Suburban Springtime. Find her at or follow along on Instagram or Twitter.


-cyn-, editor + blogger

-Cyn- is a dynamic artist and poet based in Staten Island.


orfa gonzalez, editor

Orfa graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.A. in English Literature and a B.A. in Rhetoric and Composition. She views her poetry as a healing journey. Her poetry focuses on themes of depression, sexual abuse, toxic relationships, and queerness. During her academic career, Orfa didn’t come across voices that dealt with these themes until she took an elective class called “Sexing Chicana Literature.” There they were—all the voices speaking their truths. All these voices were unapologetically discussing the topics that most people prefer to ignore.


molly hannan, contributor for sad bitch lit


Molly Hannan Scott is a twenty-seven-year-old published writer and artist from the North Bay Area in California. Her work has been featured in publications such as Aspirants Magazine, Unvael Journal, Ravenous Magazine, and Pussy Magic. She was raised by two exemplary womxn, her mother and grandmother, who always supported her artistic and creative endeavors by signing her up for all kinds of art classes, voice lessons, and encouraging her writing. She has been creating art since she could hold a crayon and started writing poetry at the age of eight, inspired by the cartoon As Told by Ginger. From a young age, Molly struggled with negative self-image, depression, and self-harm but found solace in art, writing, and music. Molly's writing often explores the themes of introspection, mental health, and the journey of recovery, but she too enjoys exploring the strength and tribulations of being a womxn. Her art is majorly centered on womxn and/or nonbinary subjects combined with natural elements and bright colors.

She aims to connect with people all over the world through creative means to share the message that they are not alone


our creatives

Betsy Falco, Illustrator

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Hello! I’m Betsy, a writer and freelance illustrator based in the U.K. I create digital art that incorporates texture and mixed media inspired by the more ethereal side of life. My muse often changes, from classic British literature to 70’s glam-rock and everything inbetween. Art is born and not made, the same as anything that comes from a persons fingertips. Like Jean-Marie and everyone else contributing to this groovy project, I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than equality, in whatever form that may take.


andrei montellano, graphic designer + cover creator


Andrei is a filipino Graphic Designer and skateboarder from Long Beach, New York. He has his bachelors in telecommunications, a diploma in graphic design, and has worked on over 100 projects that includes logos, cover art, product design, and video editing. He’s fluent in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Sony Vegas, and more. To view more work that Andrei has done, visit his Instagram is @cosmic.gfx


elmer quintero, head photographer


Elmer Quintero is a photographer based in NYC who specializes in fusing his attentiveness for detail with his passion for advocacy and change. He loves to make anything he captures look like a work of art, and has made it his mission is to use his medium and platform as a megaphone for those who have had their voice silenced.