wide eyes is focused on publishing those who want to raise hell with their truths — we publish invigorated, uncensored work by marginalized poets in efforts to amplify their voice and saturate the industry with raw and hauntingly real, poetry.


war crimes against the uterus

an inclusive anthology

This inclusive collection of poetry and prose features over forty writers and encapsulates their initial reaction after the Heartbeat bill was passed in the United States. The work in this anthology is truly a preservation of history—these poems, reactions, and confessions come from a place of pain and experience. Their call to action is a beacon for all of us to listen to and stand for. In this scary and pivotal moment in history, the truth deserves to be preserved – by a source that honors the sanctity of those who are brave enough to share their own. We are not in the business of covering up, directing, or altering these stories in order to fit our own narrative; we are in the business in letting these poems and poets speak for themselves. May their work raise hell, spread brutal truth, and cultivate change. 20% of all proceeds go to The Yellow Hammer Fund and ACLU.


inevitable ignition

by kayt christensen

Fuel made from burnt words, and frayed feelings. Spark lit in a cold front—the onslaught of emotion. Combustion was imminent; this Inevitable Ignition. Inevitable Ignition is a poetry collection told in three parts. Fuel—the pain inflicted on us and that which we inflict on each other. Spark—recognizing the error in our ways, and seeing the need to be better in order to survive. Combustion—retaliating against the quietness we’ve been taught in order to find peace within ourselves and our relationships. This collection is both deeply personal, and widely universal, and it asks you in every line to step into the poetry itself


yoü (and all the other stuff hurting me too)

by nalu romano

“YOÜ (and all the other stuff hurting me too)” written by the Brazilian writer and comedian Nalü Romano, will catch you from page one. The book is easy to read and hard to let go. Divided in two parts, the first part explores a chaotic and traumatic lesbian relationship, leading you through Nalü’s peculiar documentation of a heartbreak. The second part, separated into the topics “dad, sister, y’all, other lovers, traumas and unsolved feelings,” is a continuation of the author’s raw, honest and creative way to express the many hurtful and relatable bitter experiences in life. With a unique voice and style, the book not only travels through the author’s mind– it takes you with it. That’s because you’ve probably never seen yourself relating to a jar of tomato sauce, or comparing your ex’s with olives and plastic bags. You’ll be surprised how you can see yourself in such things. But don’t let the funny analogies fool you– you might find yourself crying just as much as you laugh. With a compromise in the simplest ways to describe pain, the book is an invitation to look at sadness in a different way, paired with illustrations by Brazilian artist, Pérola Navarro. “You (and all the other stuff hurting me too)” is a book for those who like to feel every page till it's done… and beyond.


whisperings of the wild and wilting

by lyn patterson

Buried in this book is a twenty something year old woman stuck between who she is and who she's aching to become. The poet's evolution unfolds in front of the reader's eyes and makes for a beautiful story about the journey to womanhood. It becomes a story about learning to harness your power, overcoming trauma, and manifesting your dreams. The book itself was written over a ten-year period and explores the nuances of our daily life; identity, love, dreams, mental health, family, sisterhood, and growing up. As the poet's voice develops she brings clarity to the mundane parts of life, those parts which have immense impacts on who we become and yet we often overlook. The words give comfort, that we are all dynamic and that we all have the ability to step into our most authentic selves. It includes life lessons that the reader will certainly want to revisit as they embark on their own journey of self-love.